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Let’s get GCP certified: this is how I started.

My Friends keep suggesting that GCP is a cool thing. I trust them. So let’s do this. But how to start? I collected links and materials for you to understand how you can get your GCP exams done.

You obviously start at the vendor site to see what’s next: Google Cloud Certifications


I checked LinkedIn learning – since I like the platform. I found this Understanding Google Cloud (

This was the closest to Cloud Digital Leader and it’s hot! Released on January 31, 2022 – this Monday!

Another way is GCP WebSite, a popup that offered me a free learning path. Let’s see.

This is nice as well.
The e-mail arrived
This is impressive. Google Cloud Skills Boost! I am in. Registered. Let’s go, architect. Life is short.
It remembers me Microsoft Learn ๐Ÿ™‚
Presentations inside, you can get them offline as PDF with all notes.
And obviously, videos hosted on YouTube. Unlisted.
There is a quiz as well. I think all other content is similarly structured.

Seems exams works via Ready to start? (

This is different from Computer-Based Test (CBT) development and delivery :: Pearson VUE

Now I understand why the local exam center that has contracted with Pearson does not provide Google exams.

Let’s register. Mind the drop-downs. If you forget one of them your drop-down selection is lost. It’s not Google’s fault ๐Ÿ™‚
After fighting 5 min with drop-downs, I am done.

Almost there!

Few clicks to go. I can retake 3 times. Hopefully not needed. This is an entry-level exam.
Let’s do online proctoring. Can’t fail. It’s on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Seems I am a VIP here, I remember 99 for the “Remote Proctored”, but it’s going to charge me 75. Cool. Thank you to whoever gave me the discount.
Let’s pay fast before they charge me 99.
Hmmm… No payment yet. Started to worry a bit, but will see.
Done. That’s it.
Actually, the money is not taken yet from my card, but I am registered. Hopefully, no payment issues, in Hungary (and probably many other locations) online payment requires your bank to approve a payment, immediately/in real-time, when it happens. Not sure how this will work here.

As an ex. Microsoftee, it was a different journey, for me. With AWS and Comptia I used the other exam tool Computer-Based Test (CBT) development and delivery :: Pearson VUE

The fun fact is here – Announcing Credlyโ€™s Acquisition by Pearson

So I am hoping that everything will work nice and my Google badge will show up with the others on Credly. Actually here: Attila Macskasy – Badges – Credly

Now it’s time to learn. Probably the same journey for any other GCP exam. Will see.

I hope this helps you to better understand. Happy GCP exam-taking everyone!

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