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Month: February 2022

Hands-on Lab

The perfect nested virtualization-based demo LAB: Basics, vCenter, vSphere, shared storage, networking

I am building my lab to support testing cloud migration tools. It is not only for “legacy” VMs but cloud native workloads as well. I deployed ESXi7 on nested Workstation 16, added Synology NAS via NFS to store ISOs, built core infra like DC on Windows Server 2022, and thought about the proper diagramming tool supports the hybrid design and automated deployment.

Hands-on Lab

Buying my new Google Domain and getting started with Workspace and GCP

When you register a domain it is a big deal. It is your e-mail address, it is connected to your organization, you will use it in Cloud IAM and connected APIs. You will type it in CLI and pick it from GUI multiple times. I added my experiences with Microsoft Azure/M365/Teams and AWS Route 53/Chime as well.


Let’s get GCP certified: this is how I started.

My Friends keep suggesting that GCP is a cool thing. I trust them. So let’s do this. But how to start? I collected links and materials for you to understand how you can get your GCP exams done.


Got $400 at GCP: I am preparing for Migrate for Compute Engine test

I have activated my GCP sandbox. Received an extra $100! Impressive welcome screen with offerings. The first service I am going to test is Migrate for Compute Engine API to better understand how to move complex workloads from VMware. How different sources such as Hyper-V (Azure Stack HCI) or KVM are supported?

About Me

Who is Attila?

I need to admit, I was lucky all my life. When relational DBs and Oracle SQL tuning was popular I was there. Later when virtualization came to our town, I was there. I learned how to run an entire region working at a US startup, quite self-driven. I enjoyed DIB in a global organization at Microsoft. What’s Next?