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About me

Who is Attila?

A researcher; a technical mentor; and a leader without formal authority. High standards & always thinking big. Understands Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. An Upstander, who is curious about new things as an ally to all.

My history, attitude, energy, and ownership keep my interest in the data center & desktop evolution of the next decade. My calling is moving on-premises (VMware) workloads to (Hybrid) Cloud. I am researching migration tools and landing zones. I think both “legacy” and “cloud-native” workloads will co-exist in my lifespan.

Research. Simplify. Share.

These days I am delivering Cloud Migration/Modernization and Multi-Cloud realted projects at system integrators as a cloud architect.

Previously at Cloudreach in DACH region, now at Crayon in a Global team.

My recent certificates:

I got experience with DevOps tools and strated to dive deep in Kubernetes based VM modernizations.

Previously, at Microsoft I was working in a world-wide team called “Hosting and Service Providers”. The goal was to design and build Azure Hybrid Services, early days of Azure. Later, I worked with partners (regional and local) and large global system integrators to design Azure/M365/Hybrid solutions.

I used to enjoy human-skill tranings when I left Microsoft: LinkedIn Learning self-reflection: 130 courses in 15 months

Nearly ~12 years ago I was running a quite popular local virtualization related blog. Result of that I got the VMware Systems Engineer job in Hungary and established the first VMware enterprise deployments with my extremely talented sales professional peer, Tamás.

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