About me

Who is Attila?

My calling is moving prem VMware workloads to Cloud.

Learning | Passion | Entrepreneur | Self-start | Independent | Integrity | Considered

Source systems: VMware vSphere | Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure Stack HCI | OSS virtualization.

Destination: Microsoft Azure, ESLZ | Google Cloud Platform | Amazon Web Services.

What I blog about Cloud Migration

I used to run a quite popular local virtualization related blog nearly ~12 years ago. Result of that I got the VMware Systems Engineer job in Hungary and established the first VMware enterprise deployments with my extremely talented sales professional peer, Tamás.

At Microsoft I was involved in first hybrid cloud implementations in Hosting and Service Providers tech-role to leverage Azure services on a top of multi tenant on premises VMware based DataCenters.

Later I worked with service providers and large global system integrators to design and contribute in VMware to Azure Datacenter migrations. We used Azure Migrate and 3rd party vendors assessment and migration tools.

This year I investigated a lot to better understand Azure VMware Solution and VMware HCX design to get job done.