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Category: AWS


Bulk-import based Azure and AWS price comparison

In recent months, I’ve worked with customers to quickly generate Azure and AWS pricing estimates, a critical step for securing vendor funding in lift-and-shift migration projects. However, moving assessment data between migration and pricing tools can be challenging.


AWS Site-to-Site VPN using MikroTik RouterOS

There are two ways of approaching this challenge. (#1) running MikroTik virtual appliance (CHR) in AWS (#2) using Virtual Private Gateway, a “cloud-native” networking solution provided by AWS. Each solution has its own benefits.


AWS Learning Path – how to do this right?

I started to learn AWS last summer as a 2nd cloud after my Microsoftee years. So many similarities, but different vocabulary. What is your profile? What’s the best learning path for you? How you can bring the most value to the organization supports your development plan?